Take the uncertainty out of traveling by being well-prepared with these simple yet valuable tips:

Travel Tips

These are all things that you wish someone had told you before you started traveling

Make Photocopies of all documents, ID’s, ect. – IE: Driver’s license, passport, travelers check, airline tickets, insurance and credit cards, prescriptions for medications. Keep a photocopy on your person and leave a copy with someone at home. This simplifies if things get lost or stolen.

Bring recent pictures of everyone in your travel party. – Children especially, in case you get separated. Pictures can save time and break a language barrier, as well.

Keep receipts for all purchases. – This will help with going through Customs, and keeping all purchases in the same bag will keep you from searching should Customs ask to see them.

Hang onto those boarding passes. – In order to make sure you are credited the correct Frequent Flier miles, your boarding pass is your only proof of travel. So, don’t let them go until you have verified it.

Utilize the safe provided. – Be it a hotel room or cruise cabin, the safes are there for the protection of your valuables. If available, use management’s safe even instead of the room’s safe.

Check out your room. – Take a brief tour of the hotel and a quick look at your room prior to paying for it, especially in third world countries – Books and Hotels can look better on the outside than on the inside. If your room number is announced loudly, ask for a different one for safety reasons.

Make the most of your carry-on bag. – Put a day’s clothing and toiletries in a carry-on bag just in case your luggage is delayed. Pack all your jewelry, camera and film in your carry-on bag. The film will be okay in the carry-on X-Ray machine but not the checked baggage X-Ray machine.

Traveling with a companion. – Pack half of your belongings in his/her suitcase, and vice versa. If one piece gets delayed, you still have some clothing.

Pack healthy snacks. – Delayed flights, no food service, nothing on the menu you like… an apple, granola bar or some peanuts can come in handy.

Pack a collapsible bag. – It can be used as a beach bag, laundry bag, or extra luggage to carry home all your purchases.

Pack a washcloth. – In many countries, washcloths are unknown.

Take extra batteries. – Pack extra batteries for everything, including hearing aid batteries. They can be hard to find and expensive and waste valuable sightseeing time in a frustrating search.

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